Mantle Madness!

This past week at Earth Treks Rockville, two of the top setters in the world, Chris Danielson and Tonde Katiyo, have been working with members of the ET setting crew and other setters from around the U.S. It hasn’t been a class so much as it’s been a master’s workshop. These setters have been given the opportunity to set on awesome terrain with a huge variety of holds (especially volumes) to help better their setting skills. These climbs have been creative, difficult, and fun, and it’s been a privilege to climb on them.

Below is a short video one of the setters (Keith Dickey, head setter at ET Columbia) took of my attempting one of his problems. I had sent it earlier, and he was impressed with how easily I walked up it. Of course, I don’t send on the video…but it still serves as an example of the awesomeness present at ET Rockville right now. This particular climb has since been changed, and it is now much, much, much harder. Several V grades at least. But since we have pros coming to train Tuesday and Wednesday, we need to make sure they’re not bored!

Anyways, here’s the video – enjoy! More regular posting to start again soon. I promise.


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