Training: Spanish Workout

Improve your power endurance!

I picked up the Spanish Workout from the coaches and climbers on Team ET, the national competitive youth team from Earth Treks Maryland. This workout is high intensity and really works your power endurance.

The Workout

Pick a climb that is around 75% of your maximum effort – something you can send fairly consistently, but something that will also make you work. For example, if you project V7, V5 would be a good grade for Spanish.

Climb the problem 3 times with no breaks in between. If you fall, get right back on again.

After 3 burns, take a 1 minute break. Then give the climb 3 more burns. Take another 1 minute break. Then 3 more burns.

Take a 1 minute break.

Then, pick another boulder problem and repeat the process.

So here’s an overview:

  • 3 consecutive and immediate burns on a climb
  • 1 minute break
  • 3 consecutive and immediate burns on a climb
  • 1 minute break
  • 3 consecutive and immediate burns on a climb
  • 1 minute break
  • Repeat with new boulder problem

So that’s 9 total burns on a problem in around 10 minutes. Overall, you should aim to do Spanish on 3-5 climbs in a session. You could do more if you’re really looking to push it. You can increase the time between sets to 2 or 3 minutes if you feel it is necessary for that session.

This workout is pretty fantastic since you’re getting in between 27 and 45 burns in a pretty short amount of time. I’ve done Spanish on up to 9 different climbs, resulting in 81 burns in a session, ridiculously tired muscles, and pretty trashed skin.

Tips to Remember

  1. Keep Breathing!
  2. Try Hard!

The point of Spanish (and power endurance training in general) is to increase the number of hard moves you can do in a row. Indoors, sport climbs tend to be very sustained – many difficult moves in a row. If you can increase your power endurance, you’ll be able to make more of these hard moves, and you’ll get closer to sending. And of course, this will help your outdoor climbing immensely as well.

Spanish Workout is a great way to help improve power endurance. Combined with other workouts and circuits, this can really help you step up your climbing to the next level!


2 responses to “Training: Spanish Workout

  1. David Macia, Spanish national climbing team coach, deserves recognition for developing this workout that’s used quite liberally all over the world now. He’s kind of a genius in terms of climbing fitness, and has written books on the subject, many of which haven’t been translated yet. Just giving credit where it’s due!

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