On your mark, get set…rock climb!

Now that I’m back in the gym, it’s time to start looking forward (while keeping the past and lessons I’ve learned in mind).

I’ve put in three good sessions at Earth Treks so far. The first, I focused on sending V3s; the second, V4s; and finally today, V5s. Each time, I’ve been pain-free in the shoulder. I’m starting to push a little bit harder now, and I’m stoked that I’ve felt good throughout.

I started my first microcycle today (outlined here), and I’m realizing a handful of things.

  1. I can still climb
  2. Injuries are all feeling good
  3. I’m much weaker than I have been in a long time (everything…fingers, pull muscles, core…)
  4. I need to stay motivated and psyched and stop being lazy

I feel like I’ve reached the upper-limit of what my body is currently capable of handling. I’ll most likely begin projecting some harder V5s and V6s in the coming sessions, hopefully moving back into projecting V7s and V8s by the end of the month. We’ll see how that goes.

The goal of returning to and exceeding my top climbing shape from back in December seems like a near-impossible task in the time I have to do it. But I’m hoping if I stay disciplined and stick to my training schedule, I’ll be able to achieve my goals. I have plenty of exciting things to work towards, most notably Dominion Riverrock and Ring of Fire. So stoked for those comps!

Additionally, spring will be upon us shortly. And that means time to get back outside on real rock. I know many of my friends have already been out hitting some local areas, and I wish I could have joined them. But now that I’m climbing again, it shouldn’t be long before I’m actually rock climbing again.

Anybody else ready for springtime? Who’s got trips planned? What about competitions? Let me know what your season is looking like!


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