Ruptured Pulley

Today was not a good day. I ruptured a pulley in my left ring finger on a project in the gym. Pretty bummed about it, but trying to keep perspective.

I felt and heard three loud pops in rapid succession on a strenuous crimp move, and I knew right away what happened. The pain and swelling was immediate, and I couldn’t move my finger.

The timing is disappointing. I had just finished up my first month of training after recovering from my shoulder injury. I was finally starting to feel strong and consistent on boulders again, and I was beyond stoked to get back on routes.

I’m so glad to have such awesome friends around me in the community. Just having people around the gym when it happened who know what it’s all about was helpful. And Sasha was back at Earth Treks for the day, and being able to sit down and talk to her about the injury and perspective was super helpful (she ruptured her tendon back in September).

So now I need to go see a doctor, figure out exactly what’s wrong, and move forward. I’m hoping for a speedy recovery, but I know that, realistically, I’m looking at a two month minimum. I just hope I get to climb again before moving out to California for grad school.

There’s a lot more to be said, but for now I need to just let this all sink in.

Thanks for reading, stay stoked, and climb on!


2 responses to “Ruptured Pulley

  1. Oh man.
    I’m sorry Dustin.
    It’s a loss. A big one. You’ll be back. You’ve now got a lot of time for reading. Want some recommendations?

    Keep us updated.

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