Gear Giveaway: SKRATCH LABS!

Last Summer, I discovered a company and product that changed the way I train, the way I climb, and, not to sound over-dramatic, my life to this point.

That company was Skratch Labs, and I was beyond honored and stoked to be selected as an athlete ambassador for them at the start of the year. You can check out some posts about them here and here.

Since then, my love, respect, and appreciation for their products and the company as a whole have done nothing but grow. Not only do they make a fantastic product, but they put their customers first and really make the extra effort to go above-and-beyond what you’d expect.

I want to help them grow, and I want to continue to grow the brand in the climbing community. It’s certainly more known now than it was last Summer, and that’s fantastic, but I think there are still some skeptical people and others who have flat-out never heard of Skratch. I promise you the hype is well-deserved and well-justified, and I just can’t say enough good things about them.

To achieve this goal, I thought there’d be no better time to conduct To Defy Gravity’s first giveaway! I want to share the love with not one, not two, but three people, so…

What you can win

1. Skratch Labs Package

Skratch Labs Giveaway

  • 1 copy Feed Zone Cookbook
  • 1 copy Feed Zone Portables
  • 1 lb Lemon Lime Exercise Hydration Mix
  • 1 single stick of each Skratch flavor (Lemon Lime, Orange, Pineapple, Raspberry, Everyday Lemon Lime)
  • 1 Skratch Labs water bottle
  • Skratch Labs stickers!

2. 1 lb Raspberry Exercise Hydration Mix (and stickers!)

Raspberry Skratch

3. 10x single sticks of Lemon Lime Exercise Hydration Mix (and stickers!)

Lemon Lime Skratch

How to Enter

To enter, start off by leaving a comment on this post telling me what your plans are for Summer 2013. What’s on your tick list? Any big projects? Got an awesome road trip coming up, or maybe you’re planning to take up a new sport (surfing, anyone?)? Let me know, I’m stoked to hear what everyone has planned.

Then, you can log your entries here:

Enter the Giveaway Here!

You can gain additional chances to win by liking To Defy Gravity and/or Skratch Labs on Facebook and following To Defy Gravity and/or Skratch Labs on Twitter. The contest ends on Monday May 13th at midnight (EST). The winner will be chosen completely at random and announced here, on Facebook, and on Twitter!

Good luck to everybody! Thanks to Skratch Labs for supporting me and the pursuit of my passions, and I hope everybody shows them some love.

Stay stoked and climb on!

UPDATED 5/13/13

And we have our winners!

But before we get to that, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who entered for making my first giveaway a successful one. I loved reading about your summer plans and hearing what you’ve got coming up. And have no fear, there will be other giveaways in the future!

Now, onto the lucky winners!

These three were chosen completely at random by the fantastic Rafflecopter website.

1. Collin Jenkins has won the rad Skratch Labs prize package!

2. Trish Ang will be taking home a pound of the Raspberry Exercise Hydration Mix (and stickers)!

3. Geoff Britten has gotten himself 10 single sticks of the Lemon Lime Exercise Hydration Mix (and stickers)!

Congrats to you three! I’ll be in touch soon to arrange delivery of the prizes.

Additionally, if you didn’t win but still want to get your hands on some Skratch, contact me – I’d love to help introduce you!


25 responses to “Gear Giveaway: SKRATCH LABS!

  1. In July, I’m going climbing in Skaha Bluffs in British Columbia, then backpacking for a week. Pretty psyched.

  2. I hope to go Krabi in July to climb Asia Shadow Play once again to see if there’s any progress since i last did it. Recently got back to Judo and i can’t wait to see if that helps in my climbing. The competition season is starting as well, can’t wait to see how i fare. Hoping for some improvements.

  3. My goal this season is to at least take a day trip outside once every two weeks. So far I’ve been to Franklin a couple times but also hoping to get to Safe Harbor and Annapolis Rocks. Also planning a longer trip to the Red in June, and I definitely need to get to the New at some point, although I’m not sure when yet. As for routes, my main goal right now is Barnacle Bill at Franklin, and I also definitely want to check out Bathtub Mary at the Red. Aaaand I’m considering maybe learning how to trad climb…

  4. I just got back from a trip to Bishop, but I’m hoping to go back at least once this summer! I’m also planning on bein’ a crack addict in Utah late summer, and heading up for bouldering in Tahoe a few times before then. Otherwise, I’ll be on local spots like Indian Rock. 🙂

  5. Well Dustin, I’m glad you asked. This summer marks my long awaited return to North American soil. After 2 years abroad I’m hoping to come back to my old projects in Squamish and the Canadian Rockies feeling stronger and an all around better climber on natural rock! Hopefully I can make quick work of them and move onto finding more projects and more FUN! The past six months I’ve spent focused on ticking through some UK classics, including routes graded far harder than I’ve ever climbed back home and some low-grade adventures as well!

    My big goal of the summer is to climb 50 out of the top 100 boulders in Squamish, and if my ankle is up to it, I’ve got my eyes on a Classic High ball v6 called Teenage Lobotomy.. would be killer to top it out!

  6. Dustin! I’m so excited that this has become a big thing for you! (: this summer I plan on going to the International Climbers Festival in Lander, WY! I also would like to go to Vegas to visit my mom (and Red Rock of course) and hit up Southern California for some beach time! I’m interested in seeing what the skratch labs business is all about!

  7. Not quiet sure what Im doing this summer yet. Hopefully go swimming, it can get a bit warm. I really wish I could do something more exciting but Im a bit of a scaredy cat and there isnt much to do around where I live.

  8. Oh it’s fun to read every one else’s plans – just makes my list longer!

    As for me, I’ll be spending my summer working through my unclimbed California 14er list. I’ll be starting with Shasta over memorial day, and hopefully ending with North Palisade over Labor Day. With several others in between. Wheee!!!

  9. Well I’ll be guiding for good ole ET all summer. More Carderock and Great Falls than anyone should need to endure, but its not all bad. Ive got a few big ticket sends on my checklist, namely Tobacco Road, Wreckless Abandon, Under the Milky Way, something 5.11 trad, and maybe a few free solo’s to ice the cake. Ought to be a good season.

  10. Ok, first I’m hitting up Red Rocks for a few days. I’d like to cram in 30 pitches. Then I want to finish a couple of my GS projects, and to top it off, in September I’m backpacking in Alaska for a week.

  11. This summer I’m trying to set up a training program that fits in a schedule of working 10-12 hour days almost every day. It’s hard to climb in the mornings, without others to climb with, but my body is slowly responding to it. Hoping to climb harder than ever next winter!

  12. For the year of 2013 I plan on getti g my category 2 upgrade in road cycling. Also to win the state championship crit. This fall I plan to hike a 100-150 mile section of the Applachian train in VA.

  13. My plans for this coming summer are to enter my first triathlon. Also planning a 4 day road bike trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway with a group of friends. Can’t wait, wish me luck!

  14. Plan is to struggle through Ironman Kansas 70.3 in June and then torture myself at the Lake Placid full Ironman in July. Love it!!

  15. Love the hydration mix. This past weekend it helped fuel my race at 12 Hours of Mesa Verde and will certainly fuel this coming summers Breck Epic race!!

  16. After many years cycling I am sailing a Finn class dinghy this year. Turns out that 5-6 hours stints on the water working hard require as much fitness and good nutrition as riding the Marmotte and some more brute strength besides. I’m enjoying the challenge and the crossfit training that I am doing alongside.

  17. Will be doing my annual MTB hill climb in Winter Park and some mountain biking for fun the next couple of days after! Hope to improve upon my time from last year.

  18. I’ll be putting in some big training for IM Kona this summer. I hope to do some shorter tris for fun as well.

  19. I’ll be putting in some big training this summer for IM Kona. Hopefully I’ll be getting some shorter triathlons in as well for fun

  20. I am doing the Texas Tri Series in Austin this summer and doing Ironman Buffalo Springs Lake in Lubbock at the end of June. Just started training with Skratch Labs and love the stuff.

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